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Principal's Page

Welcome to Horizon Middle School!

We are the home of the Hawks and in the fall of 2020, we opened up our renovated middle school to our students. It is a fantastic, modern learning environment and we appreciate the community support that allowed our new building to come to fruition. We have just under 500 students in grades 6-8 and recognize that middle school is a unique and important time in the lives of our students with rapid physical, emotional, and social growth and changes. It has been said that the brain growth that occurs between the ages of 10-15 is the 2nd greatest in our lives.

At Horizon our mission is to connect, challenge, and cultivate, as we work to meet the unique needs of our middle school students. We have a fantastic staff who seeks to live this mission daily. We believe in the importance of connecting with students and challenging them in the classroom and in other facets of their lives. We know that by connecting with and by challenging our students, it will give us the best chance in helping them cultivate into the best version of themselves. We also believe that as we work together as a staff to accomplish our mission that connecting, challenging, and cultivating with each other as adults is vital to our success.

My desire for students and staff at Horizon is for them to come to school each day feeling good about coming to Horizon and looking forward to their day. For each individual student, the thing they are looking forward to will be different, but with the support of staff and an involved and supportive community, many opportunities will be readily available for our students throughout their middle school years. If there is anything I can do to help your student feel connected to Horizon with their daily school experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach me by calling the office at 558-4940 or sending me an email at [email protected].


Joshua Wolcott
Horizon Middle School