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Welcome to Horizon Athletics

Horizon offers our students the opportunity to participate in a variety of before and after-school activities, both athletic and academic. Sixth graders have the opportunity to participate in intramural activities by competing against their peers. Seventh and eighth graders compete in interscholastic activities by competing against the other middle schools in district. Our middle school sports have a no-cut policy.

Athletic/Activity Director: Starla Fey

558-4968 • sfey@cvsd.org

Participation Requirements
Before students can participate in a sport, the following forms must be completed:
Athletic Participation Forms

  1. Safety Guidelines
  2. Athletic/Activity Eligibility & Proof of Insurance
  3. Concussion Information Sheet
  4. Cardiac Arrest
  5. Pre-participation Physical Evaluation


  • ASB Fee - $20 once per year
  • Athletic Fee - $10 per sport  (football fee is $26.00)
  • Participation Fee - per sport; based on the lunch program: $25.00 for full pay lunch, $10.00 for reduced lunch, $0.00 for free lunch

Academic Eligibility
Athletes must adhere to the academic requirements as outlined by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) rules and regulations and the Central Valley School District PRIDE Code. Previous trimester grades are used to determine eligibility. Participants must have a 2.0 GPA with no “F” grades in order to be academically eligible.


CVSD has adopted a new Parent/Guardian Driver Approval Form-this sheet must be filled out, with names of all potential drivers, prior to picking your student athlete up from an away game or match. The coaches hand these forms out at the pre-season parent meeting and during practice, prior to the first competition. Coaches have been instructed to not release students who do not have this form signed and turned in. Any questions, please feel free to call Starla Fey @ 558-4968 or email sfey@cvsd.org Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

Study table for students below a 2.0 or failing any class is mandatory to participate.

Please make sure all paperwork and fees are turned into the office before the start of every season. This includes the new Concussion form and the Eligibility form that must be completed for every season.